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Singer Bif Naked uncovered We caught up with Bif Naked in the midst of her zigzag tour of the country. She currently is playing in the Lilith Fair as well as opening for the Cult's on its U.S. tour.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Dixie Chicks site set to 'Fly' Dixiechicks.com is the latest venture for the threesome whose mystique mixes everything from banjos to boas.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Neither Garth, nor Gaines to go on Web Despite extensively marketing his upcoming album and movie, country music Ÿber-star Garth Brooks still lays low online.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Actors call 'In Too Deep' a pleasure Omar Epps says director Michael Rymer's openness to ad libs made filming "In Too Deep" a lot of fun. LL Cool J enjoyed the stretch his role as a drug dealer named "God" provided. Stanley Tucci notes in another situation, he might have had to earn his money.
Read the article by Emily Lo

Does NC-17 do what it was meant to? Well-known attorney Alan Dershowitz supported creating an NC-17 rating so theaters could show movies that could not be rated R but were not the pornography for which an X rating had become synonymous. Now studios and theaters will do anything to avoid NC-17 films.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Luscious Jackson ponders Lilith-style tour
Drummer Kate Schellenbach talks about possibly stepping into Lilith founder Sarah McLachlan's shoes, as well as the importance of connecting with young fans and the changing environment for women in music.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Rubbing her the wrong way Singer Christina Aguilera is burning up the charts with her hit single "Genie in a Bottle" and getting killer stares from other chicks.
Read the article by Emma Peele

Lauryn Hill puts values into action
Grammy-winning recording artist Lauryn Hill uses her fame to fulfill a longtime dream -- mentoring inner-city kids through The Refugee Project.
Read the article by Jessica Turco

Dr. Drew takes MTV-style advice to the Internet
Through his long-running sex-advice program "Loveline," Dr. Drew Pinsky has become the Dr. Spock of Generations X and Y. Now he's launching a health-information site on the Web.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Celebrities weigh their options
Brandy is going to Pepperdine and to Milan for a modeling career. Michelle Kwan has decided to combine a full class scheduled with Olympic skating training. Melissa Joan Hart can't wait to put acting on hold instead of school.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Jennifer Lopez breaks ground as role model
Puerto Rican actress, dancer and singer Jennifer Lopezās rise to fame has given many young Latinas a role model. Her message? "If I can do it, I know you can."
Read the article by Mary Emerita Montoro,
California Bureau

Swing's mainstream crossover matures
Groups like Royal Crown Revue, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, The W's, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and of course, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, have proved they are more than a fad.
Read the article by Andy Argyrakis

Cher Still Believes
After a gigantic career in the music industry topped off by her recent smash "Believe," what could be next for ever-evolving pop diva Cher? Nothing but one of the biggest tours this summer!
Read the article by Andy Argyrakis, Illinois College Bureau

Work all night, sleep all day
Life in the party world ... is it always a party? See a night of clubbing through the experiences of a DJ and a promoter at one of the world's hottest clubs -- Wax in South Beach.
Read the article by Jessica Turco

Coal Chamber: unlikely role models
Covered from head to toe in leather, chains, tattoos, piercings and make-up, few would mistake Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara as a kindergarten teacher. But presenting positivity to kids is his first concern.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Goo Goo Dolls: 'It's a pretty big payoff'
Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls tells the band loves the road and is excited about the upcoming FUSE tour, which benefits a national food bank. "The tour just fell together so magically," he says.
Read the article by Andy Argyrakis

Kirsten Dunst: 'I am blessed with everything'
The 17-year-old, who is in two current releases with more in the works, manages to maintain her hectic schedule while staying "just a teenager" with hopes of attending college in a couple of years.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

'Dick': ditzy retelling of Watergate scandal
In the '70s comedy "Dick," a reporter tells his "Deep Throat" sources he'll never reveal their identities. "For our own protection?" "No, it's just too embarrassing," he says to Dick Nixon's 15-year-old dog-walkers.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Martin outdoes himself in 'Bowfinger'
"Yeah, this guy is a real loser," admits Steve Martin of the title role in "Bowfinger," "but I think the most enchanting characters are ... losers and guys with hopes and dreams.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Tim McGraw checks in from the road
The country superstar talks with about his new CD, his tour with the Dixie Chicks and the benefits of continued success on the charts, including increased creative control.
Read the article by Andy Argyrakis

G. Love & Special Sauce have new CD, big plans
G. Love tells he plans to take his band's Dave Matthews meets Kool Moe Dee style on the road this summer for a 250-stop tour, including a number of college dates.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Stiller says he wasn't sure about 'Mystery Men'
"Ultimately it was the combination of the cast and the story and the opportunity to play something close to approximating a superhero," he says of the movie, based on Dark Horse Comics' "Flaming Carrot" series.
Read the article by Andy Argyrakis

Video producer recommends
students get hands-on experience

The hardest part of breaking into music videos, says Alfredo Hernandez of AV1 Productions, is "to get in the door -- and once you are in the door, you better go. You better run 100 miles an hour."
Read the article by Jessica Turco

They Might Be Giants talks about Net-only CD
John Linnell of They Might Be Giants, tells that while he's never heard an MP3 file, the band decided to release its latest CD on the Web. He also talks about the sneaky way TMBG got its "Dr. Evil" into the "Austin Powers" sequel.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Kosovo benefit CD has oddball charm
"No Boundaries: Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees" has rare material that is sure to please fans, but is also endearing to newcomers for its scattered, oddball feel.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Sumptuous dining in the palace of a madman

Thomas Harris cooks up an extraordinary experience laid out in five generous courses with the release of his newest and most anticipated novel about everyone's most beloved cannibal, Hannibal Lecter.
Read the article by Lauren Hejna-Doan, New York Bureau

Verbena is in Nirvana's shadow -- for now
If Verbena songs like the haunting "Baby Got Shot" don't stick with you, the chilling similarity between lanky bottle-blond Scott Bondy and famed angst distributor Kurt Cobain of Nirvana will.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Woodstock '99: Peace, love and a little arson
Naked or clothed, tripping, drunk or sober, they gathered together in Rome, N.Y., to let go, listen to varied tunes from popular bands and hoping to relive an almost indescribable peace of history.
Read the article by Jessica Turco

Bicycle offers creative sampling, Beck style
Kurt Liebert has made his band Bicycle's debut a swerving collage that pays as much tribute to eight-tracks and sample machines as it does to the endless, dusty road.
Read the article by Brian Conant

Gross-out humor eclipses nudity, vulgarity
Movies like 'Something about Mary' and 'American Pie' use bodily fluids and incredibly humiliating situations rather than nudity or strong language to shock viewers.
Read the article by Frank Musero

'American Pie' actor's classic movie moment
For Cruise it was dancing through the house clad in sunglasses and underwear. For Cusack it was standing outside his girlfriend's house holding a blaring boom box aloft. For Jason Biggs it could be humping an apple pie.
Read the article by Brian Conant

'Blair Witch' Review: The hype is better
The "Blair Witch" phenomenon continues but more because of creative Web sites than the movie itself. One film critic said he and his friends agreed it was an interesting idea, but the "promise of something truly nightmarish never happens."
Read the article by Casey Hailey

'Blair Witch Project': Hitchcock style horror
There's no blood, no guts, no graphic visual shots of carnage. There's just you, the darkness and a million horrifying possibilities racing through your mind. "I was crying. I was afraid. I was terrified," said Kevin Overstreet, 18, one of the many students who saw the premier of "The Blair Witch Project" at this year's Sundance Film Festival.
Read the article by Casey Hailey

New Kids still have the right stuff
After a five-year hiatus, Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block return to the music scene. Their CDs didn't get the fanfare that greeted NKOTB, but this time, the music is on their own terms.
Read the article by Mary Emerita Montoro,
California College Bureau

Self's frontman knows art when he makes it
Don't ask Matt Mahaffey to explain exactly what it is he is peddling on his band Self's new release "Breakfast with Girls." He's not really sure what it is, but he knows it's art.
Read the article by Brian Conant

V-Day 2000 gets personal for a good cause
Valentine's Day performances of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues" on campuses nationwide benefit charities that work against sexual violence. The goal for the V-Day 2000 College Initiative is 300 schools.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

Cynical wit and wisdom from Garofalo, Stiller
Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo offer mind-bending observations and advice about everything from how to improve your self-esteem with Faster-mation© affirmations to the Deepak-Tupac conspiracy.
Read the article by Lauren Hejna-Doan, New York Bureau

'Runaway Bride' wins hearts in small town
"I'll tell you what, it was one of the best things that ever happened to this town," said longtime Berlin, Md., resident Beverly Cooper. Locals ended up in the film and even on the soundtrack.
Read the article by Casey Hailey

Internet puts raves at your fingertips
Looking for an all-night party has never been easier. Around the country, Web sites claim to enrich rave culture and promote the once-underground scene.
Read the article by Sara Lyle

MTV pits lovers against friends
Couples auditioned in Miami for a trip to the Bahamas for an MTV game show that explores who knows someone better, a lover or a best friend. The program promotes the July 16 opening of "The Wood."
Read the article by Jessica Turco

Lee denies 'Summer of Sam'
exploits tragedy

"In no way, shape or form is this film a gratification of Son of Sam and in no way, shape or form do we feel that we exploited the people that David Berkowitz murdered," said director Spike Lee.
Read the article by Joshua Hyman, New York Bureau

Hollywood does Shakespeare
From the 1996 "Romeo and Juliet" to this year's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Shakespeare has been at the box office lately almost as much as Spielberg; however, the Bard is not as new to the big screen as some might think.
Read the article by Casey Hailey

Blues CD enriches
listener and environment

A combination of great blues and jazz tunes performed by a rainbow of artists and their common vision to work for a greater cause, has birthed an extra value meal in record sales. "Fish-Tree-Water Blues" features artists from Ani DiFranco, a folky, free-flowing poet, to John Lee Hooker, a legendary bluesman.
Read the article by Jessica Turco

Boy bands promise eternal love
You can't pass a music store, the radio or daytime shows without seeing one of countless singing, gorgeous Ÿberbabes pledging their promises of love and devotion, to sea of screaming female fans.
Read the article by Mary Emerita Montoro,
California College Bureau

Dueling divas take on Christmas
Pop star Amy Grant is old hat at it... But it's a first for Jewel. Both are belting out some old Christmas favorites -- and some new holiday tunes -- recorded specially for their new Christmas CDs. If you're looking for some hip holiday music, which diva do you take home? Read on for a double CD review.
Read the article by Brian Conant