What makes your school cool?

By Troy Peden

What's your college or university best known for? Maybe it's the number one party school in the country. Or it has a championship lacrosse team. Or it has the most grasshoppers per capita in the spring and summer. Whatever it may be - most schools are known for something.

Below is a list of colleges and universities that have carved a name for themselves by being a part of the novel, interesting and bizarre. Enjoy!

Easiest School for Admissions
Bellevue College – One of about 20 U.S. schools of higher ed. that admit 100 percent of applicants. (Slept through high school? There may be hope for you after all.)

Huron University in South Dakota is one of many schools that do not require test scores for admission.

Most Applicants
UCLA received 32,792 applications for admission last year. (Just imagine the size of your Psych 101 class if you were a student here.)

Most Exclusive Schools
Juilliard School of Music accepts only 8% of their applicants. (Talk about picky∑)

Largest Student Body
UT-Austin edges out Ohio State University, with 37,302 students enrolled.

Smallest Student Body
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts College in New Hampshire with a mere 61 students wins. (If you don't know all your classmates here, you need to get checked out for social phobia.)

Most Out of State Students
More than half - 58 percent -- of the University of Vermont's student body hails from out-of-state.

Tallest Dormitory
Illinois State University is home to the mammoth Watterson Towers, 28 stories of co-eds. (It really sucks when the elevators break down.)

Best Mascot
Several awards are duly earned in this category, including: The Wonder Boys of Arkansas Tech University, the Hardrockers of South Dakota School of Mines, and the Fighting Squirrels of Bradford College (which is closing its doors for good at the end of the 2000 school year).

Most Men On Campus
Looking for a man? If you are lucky enough to be in the two percent, St. John's University in Minnesota boasts a student body made up of 98 percent males.

Oldest School in the U.S.
Harvard was founded in 1636. (Hope they've updated the plumbing.)

Most Snow
Northern Michigan University received over ten feet of snow in 1999.

Hottest Campus
Florida Keys Community College had an average temperature of 77 degrees last year.

Most Alumni
Need some network connections after graduation? The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign claims over 460,000 alumni.

Lowest Faculty to Student Ratio
California Institute of Technology has a faculty to student ratio of 1:3. (Talk about personal attention.)

Most Students Studying Abroad
Kalamazoo College sends over 85 percent of its students to another country.

Coolest Study Abroad Program
Semester at Sea is the unequivocal winner for its unique international experience.

Coolest Internship
The Institute for Cultural Ecology offers whale-watching internships in Hawaii.

Most Interning
Alverno College in Wisconsin requires that every one of its students hold an internship.

Best Cheerleaders
University of Louisville was the National Grand Champion at Collegiate Cheerleader Championships.

*Some statistics compiled by © U.S. News & World Report Inc.