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melody itself as well as create lyrics. I also work with other writers in a company called Red Zone, which is a major writing and producing group. They work with everybody; they did some of Madonna’s singles, they did B2K’s singles, they work with just about everybody. I work with them and they help me develop my pen and make it much stronger. On Goodies I was heavily involved in writing the album and I believe it reflects who I am as a person. I’m a writer at heart.

Why do you think people have to spread false rumors about you and other artists?
I think it’s a natural thing. I don’t know why they conjure up things like that. I think it’s funny; it is what it is. The more successful and popular you get, people try finding and spreading negative things about you to bring you down. It’s just bad negative energy. It doesn’t bother me.

Now that you’ve clearly arrived and have the stage, what are your goals?
My ultimate goal is to have longevity. I want to make sure every year is better than the last year. I want to make many many great videos and records and also become a successful entrepreneur. The sky is the limit. There are so many things I want to do and I’m going to do it.

Do you like the title “First Lady of “Crunk & B”?
I don’t like that title. I don’t like being known as a princess, a lady or a queen of Crunk. I like that I might be part of setting trend and it’s a movement, but I don’t like being known as the Queen of Crunk & B. The funny thing about it is there really is only one song on the album that is Crunk, and that’s the Goodies single. I mean Crunk music is energy music, but as far as it being the whole movement, that’s a Lil’ Jon thing.

How do you perform your collaborative songs when the other artist isn’t there?
I prefer not to do those songs if the artist isn’t there. Some songs, though there is more that I

can ad in a live performance like in ‘Oh’. A lot of the kids love to dance, so I try to give them all the dancing they can get.

Why did you write Goodies?
Melody is very key in this record. I didn’t just want to make a party record. I want to write about a record with a message and I want to make it for women. So I thought about the whole concept of when we’re at a club or a party and a guy tries to talk to them and impress them with their Benz, their bling bling, their ice and all that stuff and they act like, just because they have those things, that we’re going to give them our number or that we’re going to leave with them. It’s not about that. I think a lot of women can relate to that. We all go through that. I thought that would be a good idea and I got ‘crackin’ on it. I actually referred to the old saying ‘Who put their hands in the cookie jar, who me, yes you, couldn’t be, then who.’ I actually referred to that. It’s like a metaphor for putting you hands in the goodie jar.

While Goodies, is the first song on the CD and sets the rules from the start, do you think the other songs go against that theme?
Whhaaah! You’re the first person to ever say that. That’s funny. Give me a song. Give me an example.

How about Hotline?
Call me up Hotline, ‘I’m so glad you came, you’re the cutest thing, I can be your operator.’ I guess it’s funnn! It’s just like if someone asks me something about how I dress. I don’t think I reveal a lot, but some people do. That’s their own opinion. I can still wear those things, and hold a certain confidence to were you can respect me. I’m not going to wear them and be all loose with it; you have to carry yourself a certain way. Goodies can be whatever you want it to be. They’re anything that’s worth something to you that’s real value. Before you give any of your goodies away whether it’s your phone number, your kisses, or whatever, it’s all about being respected.

After talking with Ciara, it’s clear this young 19-year-old deserves respect. I don’t think the sky is the limit with her, perhaps the stars.



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