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Looking for your true north? How about your south, east, or west? If you're looking to navigate the road to an exciting career, let The Art Institutes steer you on the path to success. Whatever direction the needle on your compass is pointing, we have schools in every major region of the U.S.

Art thrives within cities, so it is no coincidence that all of our locations are in large metropolitan centers. This gives you not only the chance to meet other like-thinking students, but to incorporate the city as part of your school experience, whether through working a part-time job, visiting an art museum, or dining at an exotic restaurant.

Do you prefer the cultured refinement of Boston or the warm, sandy beaches of Ft. Lauderdale? How about LA's lively entertainment industry or Seattle's wired high-tech scene. You can make a choice that best fits your lifestyle. And perhaps the location you choose will become the city you reside in after you graduate because that's where many of the design, media arts, culinary, and fashion jobs are located.

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*The Art Institute of Washington is a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta.
**The Art Institute of Tampa is a branch of Miami International University of Art and Design.
***The Art Institute Online is a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
****The Art Institute of Charleston is a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, GA.

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