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Featured Career

  • Cadet Gloria Lin - Washington University

    Joining Air Force ROTC is the best decision of my life. I received an Air Force ROTC scholarship to Washington University. When I graduate, I'll serve four years on active duty. My peers tell me I'm lucky to have a job lined up after graduation. I like to look at it as a four-year long job interview, because I'm constantly evaluated and challenged to improve myself.

Continuing Education

  • Master's Degree: Worth It?

    It is the dreaded question that every parent asks: So what are you doing after you graduation? Often the answer is: Whatever pays well. In some cases this could mean staying in school for a year or more to bump your bachelor's degree up to a master's.

    In fact, you may have heard those nasty rumors floating around campus that a B.A. is a dead degree in the real world because of the demand for higher education -- not to mention higher pay. Put simply, "The higher the degree the greater the earnings," says Peter Syverson, vice president of research with the Council of Graduate Schools.


  • Summer Jobs That Don't Suck

    It's only March, who needs to worry about a summer job, right? Wrong! Unless your idea of a good time is an endless summer of flipping burgers or babysitting your neighbors' screaming brats, you might want to start checking out the classifieds and scouring the Internet for employment opps.

U. Networking

  • U. Networking

    When Eric Loepp chatted with his professors during office hours, he wasn't wrangling for his first job after college. He was however, building relationships, one of which led to the job he started after graduating from the University of Richmond in 2008.

    Basically Eric was networking. You've probably heard you have to network to get jobs or internship, but how exactly do you do that? "Think about it as just connecting," says job-search expert Margaret Riley Dikel. "You don't have to 'network.' You just have to get out there and be friendly."

Resume Tips

  • Resume Tips

    The creating of an accurate and attractive curriculum vitae or "CV resume" is not an easy task. Your CV is the first thing that job interviewers and future employers see, before meeting you in person. For that reason, make the most of your free time and find useful and fulfilling information, tips and guides how to create your perfect personalized CV resume which presents your best qualities, skills and talents and describes your experience and qualifications.