President, Culinary Academy of Long Island

It’s no secret that today’s economy
makes it difficult to get started on a successful career path. However, there is an area that can launch your career even in these tough times. The restaurant and hotel industry is creating well-paying positions in the culinary arts and hotel management field at a rapid rate. And the best place to prepare yourself for one of these rewarding careers is Culinary Academy of Long Island. Here, you’ll receive individual attention in a professional setting. You’ll be taught by expert instructors from such renowned schools as the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson and Wales. You’ll learn in modern kitchens using the latest equipment. And you’ll receive an exciting externship that gives you a big step up in getting the position you want. Think of it. In nine short months or less, you could be making a great living working as a respected professional in the culinary arts. It’s a satisfying, rewarding career path that I sincerely look forward to seeing you pursue at Culinary Academy of Long Island.

An established history of providing quality entry-level employees for culinary and hospitality industries.
Financial aid and education grant funding for all who qualify.
A caring faculty and administration who support student success 100%.
Convenient class schedules that allow students to balance school, work, and personal obligations.
“Hands-on Training” where the student is a “Participant” not an “Observer”.
In only nine months we prepare you for a career that can last a lifetime.
Culinary Academy of Long Island, Inc. is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools/Colleges of Technology as a vocational school for training in the exciting Culinary Arts field. Call today to discover the rewarding careers open to you in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and catering.

The school prides itself on the warm, friendly relationship between the student body, the faculty and the administrative staff. The staff is available to all members of the student body for discussions about employment opportunities, continued education and help in meeting personal problems related to education. Our licensed teaching staff is comprised of professionals who relate program material to "how it is" in the real world of food service. Our performance-based training emphasizes the skills you will need in the real world of work. You learn from professionals with years of work experience. You train in facilities with equipment similar to what you will find on the job. And you are graded according to how well you can actually do what you have learned.


Culinary Academy of Long Island’s objective is to provide our students with an environment that closely parallels the working world. Many aspects of our facility are patterned after commercial kitchens. The school has 12,000 square feet of space, which includes three commercial kitchens and our brand-new baking kitchen. In addition, we have a beautiful dinning room/lounge that serves as a gathering place for our students. By simulating the workplace environment in our kitchens, the student becomes familiar with the “tools of the trade.” In all courses of study, an on-the-job climate has been created to prepare students for future job situations.

Our fully equipped kitchens feature professional ranges and ovens, deck ovens, convection ovens, proof boxes, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, baker’s wood tables, low- boy refrigerators with marble tops as well as mixers, blenders, slicers, food processors and steam kettles.

In addition, our new baking kitchen includes all of the above equipment and a new Alta sham combi oven, Caipigiani ice cream machine and a double deck convection oven.

Culinary Academy also has a fully equipped resource library, including cookbooks, reference books and instructional videos. Internet and computer access is available. The facility conforms to present American Disability Association standards for handicapped accessibility.


Established in the Fall of 1996
, Culinary Academy of Long Island opened its doors to prospective students interested in the pursuit of professional training in the culinary arts field. Culinary Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology and licensed by the New York State Department of Education, and offers a variety of culinary programs.

In 2005 the Culinary Academy acquired a new division, the New York Food & Hotel Management School. This new affiliate changed it's name to Culinary Academy of New York to be further associated with the Long Island chapter.

The Academy began with its Professional Cooking with Externship program. The program is offered weekdays in both morning and afternoon sessions. Once the program work is completed, students gain practical experience through their externship.

Culinary Academy started an additional program. The Commercial Cooking with Externship program is offered in the evenings and is designed to meet the needs of "non-traditional" students. This program is ideal for students who may work during the day or prefer to go to school at night.


Accrediting Commission of Career Schools / Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT)
New York State Department of Education
Approval for Veterans Training

Approval for I-20 Status

Job Training Partnership Act

Suffolk County Dept of Labor

American Culinary Federation
National Restaurant Association

International Association of Culinary Professionals

Chamber of Commerce