Buzz About the Business

Excerpts from Food For Thought by Karin Evans,
Featured on MSN Encarta

"The U.S. Department of Labor reports that job openings in the industry will be plentiful through at least 2010. Demand for qualified staff is increasing most rapidly at the top end of the market, which is where the executive chef positions and higher salaries are to be found. The healthy state of the restaurant industry is good news for anyone wishing to pursue a culinary career today."

"Now it is rightly regarded as a highly skilled profession within a multi-billion dollar industry. The restaurant industry is the biggest employer in the United States besides the government, with 11.7 million employees—that’s 9 percent of all people employed in the county. By 2012, it is estimated that the number of employees will rise to 13.3 million. There is clearly a bright future for anyone training in the culinary arts today.