Learn by doing as you master professional food preparation.
Get ready for an exciting career in restaurants, bakeries, corporate food service departments, health-related institutions and the booming catering field. After just 900 hours of instruction, you’ll be ready to start in such career-building positions as a sous chef, baker, short-order cook or line cook.

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Designed for students seeking evening instruction,
this program focuses on “learning by doing” in areas like food preparation, catering, skills development and quantity food production. A special Externship helps you prepare for an exciting position in the culinary arts after graduation.

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Students are introduced to advanced techniques featuring artisan and specialty breads, specialty cakes and pastries, and advanced dessert production and presentation. Health-conscious desserts, including low-fat, low-sugar, and low-carb variations are included.

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At the Culinary Academy of Long Island, you’ll get the education you need to succeed in a challenging profession where providing first-class service is your ultimate goal. You’ll achieve the perfect balance between “business” and “pleasure”. It’s all part of a successful career in Hotel Management. Combine your “people skills” with “bottom-line business” training, for a life long career.

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* These programs are approved under the scope of the school's institutional accreditation.