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Top Paying College Degree Majors

Are you a Bachelor degree student wanting to be recruited for a great paying job after graduation? According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students with a bachelors degree in one of seven disciplines of Technology and Engineering can expect to be in high demand, and will earn the highest salaries upon graduation. The college degree pay ranking shows the 2013 top eight highest paying degrees are...Continued

Quote of the Day

  • "The mark of a good team is how it reacts when things aren't going in its favor."

    Chris Osgood
    Professional hockey player

Word of the Day

  • harrow

    harrow ("HEHR-oh") verb or noun origin: from Middle English "harwe", a farm implement 1. A farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth used to break up and even off plowed ground. (noun) 2. To break up and level (soil) with harrow. 3. To inflict great distress and torment on. "After two harrowing, crisis-filled weeks, San Francisco's embattled Muni managers peeked out of their foxhole to announce what they'd been dying to say: For two st More

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