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colleges.com top ten majors

Top Paying College Degree Majors

Are you a Bachelor degree student wanting to be recruited for a great paying job after graduation? According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students with a bachelors degree in one of seven disciplines of Technology and Engineering can expect to be in high demand, and will earn the highest salaries upon graduation. The college degree pay ranking shows the 2013 top eight highest paying degrees are...Continued

Quote of the Day

  • "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

    Benjamin Franklin
    American inventor

Word of the Day

  • vitriolic

    vitriolic ("vit'-re-OL-ic") adj. origin: from the Latin "vitreolus," meaning of glass. 1. Of, similar to, or derived from a vitriol (any of various sulfates of metals). 2. Bitterly scathing; caustic. "The entire interview was nothing more nor less than a satiric characterization of Flavia, aquiver with irritation and vitriolic malice." --Willa Cather, "The Troll Garden" "Congressman Dingell said that, you know, there is much about More