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U.'s Top 25 Articles

From wacky college stories to celebrity interviews, these are our favorite U. articles of all time.

10 Things Men Should Avoid on a First Date

Women can be mysterious creatures. It is hard to tell what they like and don't like, and there is absolutely no way to please them all. Here are some basic tips on what men should avoid on a date. Follow these guidelines and you should be on the fast track to a second date in no time.

Why the Freshman 15? How to Avoid It

We all know someone who headed off to college only to return home for the holidays or spring break carrying new friends on their gut, butt and hips. That unsightly, unwanted and unnecessary weight gain is flippantly called the Freshmen 15...

Here's Looking At You

Is body image being taken too seriously?

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Campus Clips

Score college admission without the SAT

Some students suffer through twelve years of education and three different schools, struggling to get good enough grades to carry them to college. Just when it's all coming together, when they're finally strutting into their high school senior year, three little letters can blow it all away - S-A-T.

Do master’s degree pay off?

It is the dreaded question that every parent asks: So what are you doing after you graduation?

The Road to the Fulbright

Since the founding of the Fulbright Program in 1946, over 300,000 students, teachers, and researchers from a range of academic disciplines have served as U.S. cultural ambassadors in over 155 countries worldwide.....

Big blunders found in school textbooks

Once mistakes get in textbooks they're very hard to get out.

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Tech Talk

iPad Product of the Year

Apple once again redefines a whole area of computing.

HP Photosmart e-All-in-one

Check out HP's latest wireless printer and more tech...

Digital Plagiarism

Thinking about turning in a paper you bought off the internet? Think again.

New degree: Computer hacker (and the tuition is free?)

With computer technology rocketing along, unforeseen opportunities for progress emerge, but so do new vulnerabilities.

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Arts and Entertainment

Steve Miller Professor of Rock

How would you like to have a real rock star as a teacher?

Are You Living

As a young boy, I wanted to be an adventurer someone who lived life to the fullest. I was going to live. I truly recoiled at the thought of spending days tethered to an office desk.

Guitar for a Cure

Peter Gusmano has been entertaining New York crowds for years. Now he is doing what matters a little more. Guitar for a Cure is his way to give back.

Jake Gyllenhaal Inverview

U. sits down with Jake Gyllenhaal to talk about his booming career.

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